1. xenophyn:

    Late night drunk sketch of my favorite most under-utilized badass characters ever; the cheerful, digital Liberry. from Kaleiope.


  2. therealrossford:


    As many of you know, I’m currently writing a comic. I say a comic, and not a comic book, because the idea is to make it a digital comic using modern sequential art story telling techniques (think the Marvel infinite comics) and to provide a musical score. I’m very passionate about this…

    Shoot me a note. Here’s my gallery.

  3. xenophyn:

    Art from this week: Ponder, Yang (RWBY) and a concept of Xenophyn’s TUG avatar.

    I’ve got another Tumblr going for random reblogs and sketch art. You don’t need to follow it if you’re just interested in the art though, I’ll probably reblog the important stuff here.

  4. Sort of related to the Kaleiope project, this is an alphabet I’ve been inventing for a fictional book, that sort of resembles filigree. The alphabet is phonetic, so each element is a sound, not a one-to-one letter. Anyways, this is my first attempt in writing in it. I expect it to become more flourished as I (or other writers) get creative with it.

  6. This is the first Flash animation I’ve ever made. I did this in about 2 hours. Should I do more?


  7. Tumblr Fixed!

    So I didn’t know anything about Tumblr when I started Kaleiope, and so like an idiot, I started a whole new account instead of making a blog from my base account. Luckily we weren’t in too deep, and I migrated everything over. But you may still need to refollow if you want to keep up.

    Good news is, now Aric is on-boarded, so he can make updates as well. Thanks everyone!

  8. Kal and Liberry Solving Problems

  9. Liberry’s Dilemma

  10. If you Wish to Wish a Wish